Welcome to Nikhil Aromos

We Nikhil Trade & Exports have extreme pleasure to introduce ourselves as Distiller, Exporter and Supplier of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, Unadulterated, Organic Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Herbal Extract Oils, and Raw Materials of Indian Origin Herbs which are widely used in Aromatherapy, Flavors & Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals, Perfumery Cosmetics and many other industries.


Pharmaceuticals, Perfumery Cosmetics and many other industries. Our family recognized as Sandalwood Oil distiller, means sub seignior of Pure Organic Natural essential oils. From more than 70 years to their credit into the field of Herbs & sandalwood and its Oils in India. Our forefathers have begun experiments to produce high quality of essential oils, carrier oil and absolutes. Our previous 2-3th generations have passed on to us a dedication to quality and the values of honoring our land and the bounty it provides us.

We believe that nature has provided us with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances which can invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement or serenity within us. Our family has been dedicated to capturing and bottling these emotions through the traditional art and science of making perfumes and essential oils. We procure the natural content from sustainable sources as well as from where the finest natural content is accessible. By processing the sourced content of our oils come from nature to shelf..

Today, we strive to preserve and celebrate the Tradition, Art and Science of making Pure and Organic Natural essential oils, Absolutes and Carrier oils. Each and every bottle of essential oils we produce is a celebration of our heritage and honors the essence and beauty of our natural world. We look forward to sharing this with you. Welcome to Nikhil Trade & Exports and it’s Brand as “GOBUR INDIA”.