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Botanical Name   :   Abelmoscus Moschatus
Specific Gravity  :    .898 - .920
Optical Rotation  :   1.468 – 1.485
Refractive Index  :    Easily Solubl
Part Used  :      Seeds

Appearance   :   Clear Viscous, Liquid Yellow, Amber Color.
Odour   :   Fruity.
Flavour   :  Musky, Earthy.

Uses :
Used for unique bouquet in many fragrances, widely used as a fixative in fragrances.It is a valuable material to high grade perfume composition, Imports musky notes. Used in non-alcoholic beverages, Ice-Creams, candy and baked goods.

Botanical Name  :   ACORUS CALAMUS
Part Used  :      Roots

Chemical Composition   :   80% Beta - Asarone.
Appearance   :   Clear Pale Yellow Colored Liquid.
Odour   :   Spicy, woody, sweet, tenacious.
Flavour   :  Warm – Burning, Spicy, Bitter.

Uses :
The essential oil of calamus is widely used in flavors for liquors, as well as fine perfumes and preparation. It has antispasmodic, carminative and anthelminitic property. It is used to cure many dis-orders such as espiepsy and mental diseases.

Botanical Name   :   Daucus Carota
Optical Rotation  :   -40 to -300
Refractive Index  :    1.48 – 1.49
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Seeds

Chemical Composition   :   Carotol – 50%, Carotenol – 14% to 18%.
Appearance   :   Light Yellow to Amber Yellow Liquid.
Odour   :   Sweet, Oil, Musky .

Uses :
Carrot Seed has been used for many years for the preparation of alcoholic tinctures. Carrot Oil is very modern perfume composition . It blends with many types of scents, particularly orris and produces notes which are hard to identify.

Botanical Name   :  Apium Ceraveolens
Specific Gravity  :    .870 - .910
Optical Rotation  :   +480 to +780
Refractive Index  :    1.478 – 1.490
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Mature Seeds

Chemical Composition   :   d-Limolene - 50%.
Appearance   :   Pale Yellow to Brownish Liquid.
Odour   :   Diffusive, Warm-Spicy, Sweet Long Lasting.
Flavour   :  Musky, Earthy.

Uses :
The principle use of this oil is in the flavoring of all kinds of food products, canned soups and meats sausges and particularly in the flavoring of popular celery salts, celery tonics etc. Celery Seed Oil is one of the most valuable flavoring agent, imparting warm, aromatic and pleasing notes of food products. It has sedative and tonic effect of the central nervous system.

Specific Gravity  :    .896 - .917
Optical Rotation  :   +10 to +40
Refractive Index  :    1.43 – 1.45
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :     Flower

Uses :
Chamomile oil is used in tobacco,candy and in baked goods, it has therapeutic properties, Chamomile is a handy solution for those who experience migraines,m inflammation, muscle spasms, upset stomach.It may kill cancer cells.

Botanical Name   :  Murraya Koerigui Spreng
Specific Gravity  :    .9259
Optical Rotation  :   +13.30
Refractive Index  :    1.4780
Part Used  :      Leaves

Appearance   :   Light Yellow Oil.
Odour   :   Aroma of Fresh Leaves

Uses :
Curry leaves are used in pickle, chutney, sausages.Used as tonic, stomachic, stimulants, calminative agents to treat influenza, fever, bronchinal asthma, dysentery and bites of poisonous animals.

Botanical Name   :  Nardostachys Jatamasni
Specific Gravity  :    .94 - .96
Optical Rotation  :   +60
Refractive Index  :    1.5
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Roots

Appearance   :   Reddish Brown Liquid.
Odour   :   Sweet, Woody - -Animalic.
Flavour   :  Bitter, Burning, Spicy Woody.

Uses :
Nardostachys Jatamansi is a flavoring oil, used as perfumes, medicines and in religious contester. Used as sedative and herbal medicine said to fight insomania, birth difficulties and other minor.Used for rich woody effect in oriental blends, used in fragrances for Agarbatti and Bath Soaps.

Botanical Name   :  Juniperus Communts
Specific Gravity  :    .850 - .890
Refractive Index  :    1.440 – 1.490
Part Used  :      Fruits(Berries)

Uses :
Cosmetics, fine fragrances, flavor alcholic beverages like Gin.Juniper Berry oil is used in massage oils, to treat arthpitic and rheumatic pain, varicose veins, fluid retention, it has antiseptic, astringent property.It relieves the aches of rheumatism and sore muscles, increase urination and circulation.

Botanical Name   :  HEDYCHIUM SPICATUM
Specific Gravity  :    .932 - .936
Refractive Index  :    1.540 – 1.540
Part Used  :      Rhizome

Chemical Composition   :  Para-Methoxy cirmanic acid - 67%
Appearance   :   Dark Yellow Colored Liquid.
Odour   :   Fresh, camphoracious, spicy, woody.

Uses :
Used for woody balsamic blends, mainly oriental.

Botanical Name   :  CYPERUS SCARIOSUS
Specific Gravity  :    .960 - .980
Optical Rotation  :   +340 to +450
Refractive Index  :    1.500 – 1.520
Part Used  :      Roots

Chemical Composition   :   Cyprene.
Appearance   :   Dark Yellow to Brownish color, mobile liquid.
Odour   :   Woody.

Uses :
Nagarmotha Oil have lots of medicinal values. The Nagarmotha Cypriol Oil is used in creams, lotions, and in perfumery.Nagarmotha is widely used in home remedies and a very important ingredient of famous Chwayanprash. Nagarmotha Oil is very effective as a massage oil, it has antibacterial properly.

Specific Gravity  :    .9250 - .9450
Optical Rotation  :   +20 to +4.50
Refractive Index  :    1.4800 – 1.4960
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Fruit

Chemical Composition   :   2-Pheny| Ethy| Methy| Ether Terpinen 4 Oil.
Appearance   :   Colorless love - viscous clear liquid.
Odour   :   Highly Fragrant odour, strong characterstics with a background of green hyacinth floral notes.

Uses :
Kewra is used mainly in tobacco, flavors sweets, syrup and soft drinks.

Botanical Name   :  Rosa Damascena
Specific Gravity  :    .928
Optical Rotation  :   -30 to -10
Refractive Index  :    1.48
Part Used  :      Flower & Petals

Chemical Composition   :   Geraniol Citronellol.
Appearance   :   Pale Yellow Liquid.
Odour   :   Floral - Rosy.
Flavour   :  Sweet - Bitter, Floral, Petal Like.

Uses :
It is a powerful antiseptic.Rose Oil Soothes and heals skin disorder.A massage oil helps various types of female problems, including menstrual cramp, PMS sympizems, and moodiness during menopause.It has antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, qualities.It used in costly fragrances.

Botanical Name   :  Rose Marinus Officinalis
Specific Gravity  :    .894 - .912
Optical Rotation  :   -50 to -100
Refractive Index  :    1.464 – 1.476

Chemical Composition   :  25% @ Pinene
10 - 20% Borneol.
Appearance   :   Clear, Pale Yellow, Liquid, Herbaceous.
Odour   :   Strong Fresh Woody.
Tatse   :  Astringent, Warm.

Uses :
Used as Freshness in Colonges, used in flavor if meats. Very old believed that Rosemary strengthens the memory power, used im massage oil, blends from tobacco and chewing gums etc.

Botanical Name   :  Santalum Album
Specific Gravity  :    .965 - .980
Optical Rotation  :   -150 to -210
Refractive Index  :    1.50 – 1.51
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Roots & Trunk

Chemical Composition   :   Santalol
Appearance   :   Clear Pale Yellow Liquid.
Odour   :   Slight Terpinee, Woody Sweet.
Flavour   :  Slightly Bitter.

Uses :
Sandalwwod Oil is mainly used in perfumery due to unique fragrance and outstanding fixative blends well with all kinds of perfumes. It is used in high grade perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, talcum powders etc. A wide spread applications of the oil is used in the manufacture of attars. It is used as stimulant, demulcent, antiperspirant, diuretic and ant scabies and also used in tobacco.

Botanical Name   :  Cinnamomum Glaucescens
Specific Gravity  :    .9344 - .93331
Optical Rotation  :   -14.60 to -20.60
Refractive Index  :    1.4420 – 1.4300
Solubility  :    Dark Brown Fruits
Part Used  :      Wood
Method  :      Steam Distillation

Uses :
Fruits have medicinal properties, can be usd as demulcent, used in perfumes and flavors.

Botanical Name   :  Gandhi Roots
Specific Gravity  :    .950 - .980
Refractive Index  :    1.500 – 1.520
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Roots
Appearance  :      Pale Yellow to Olive Brownish

Uses :
Mainly used in chewing tobacco and cosmetics.

Botanical Name   :  Thuja Occidentalis
Specific Gravity  :    .941- .966
Optical Rotation  :   -50 to +100
Refractive Index  :    1.50 – 1.508
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Wood

Chemical Composition   :   @ - Pinen, Borny| Acetate

Uses :
Thuja Oil has a Antirheumatic Property. It is Astringent, Diluetic, Expectorant, Insect Repellent. Thuja is well know and is very popular as decorative plant.

Botanical Name   :  Zanthoxylum Alatum
Specific Gravity  :    .8590
Optical Rotation  :   +7.500
Refractive Index  :    1.4690
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Seeds

Appearance   :   Pale to Olive Yellow Colored mobile liquid.
Odour   :   Spicy.

Uses :
Tomar Seed Oil is used in soap making and dental preparations. It is also used in preparation of Henna Attar and perfumed Tobacco.The Oil is used as antiseptic, disinfectant and deodorant properties.

Botanical Name   :  Valeriana Officinalis
Specific Gravity  :    .920 to .965
Optical Rotation  :   -80 to -140
Refractive Index  :    1.486
Solubility  :    Easily Soluble
Part Used  :      Roots

Chemical Composition   :  Valeric Acid.
Appearance   :   Yellow Brown.
Odour   :   Highly Diffusive, Musky Animalic note.

Uses :
It is an adjunet in the falvouring of certain blends of tobacco.Valerian Root oil is used as a tonic and stimulant in certain medicinal preparations.

Botanical Name   :  Vetiver Zizanoides
Specific Gravity  :    .992 - .1.015
Optical Rotation  :   +100 to +250
Refractive Index  :    1.516 – 1.530
Part Used  :      Roots

Appearance   :   Reddish Brown Viscous Liquid .
Odour   :   Sweet Woody lesser earthy nature as components to wild variety.

Uses :
Traditionally used in khus flavor for Sharbat and in tobacco,Vetuver oil used as a fixative and imports a pleasing and lasting note to the perfume composition.It blends with Sandal Wood , Patchouli and Rose Oil. It is used as Carminative in flatulnece, colic and obstinate vomiting.It is used as a stimulant, refrigerant.

Botanical Name   :  Vetiver Zizanoides
Specific Gravity  :    .990 - 1.032
Optical Rotation  :   -500 to -1300
Refractive Index  :    1.512 – 1.523
Part Used  :     Roots

Appearance   :   Pale Brown Viscous Liquid.
Odour   :   Sweet Woody, Rich, Heavy.

Uses :
Used for woody earthy notes and fixation in any fragrances where the color or miscinility with alcohol is not a restraint.Traditionally used in India for Sharbats and Tobacco Products.

 Angelica Root oil can be used in oil warmers for its aromatherapy qualities. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety or exhaustion, Angelica Root may be the herb for you to use in your oil warmer to disperse its aroma throughout any space to promote tranquility and peace.

Basil is native to asia, The plant gets it's mane from the greek word for King - basileum. It is ancient and traditional remedy ayurvedic medicine.Stream Distallation from leaves and flowers. It's indications are anxiety, Bronchitis, Fever, Overworked muscles, Dull senses, Poor Digestion etc.

Basil is native to asia, The plant gets it's mane from the greek word. Concluded that the essential oil of Basil is used as an antifungal agent in protecting peanuts post harvest in Benin against the toxic strains of fungi like Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus flavus.

Basil origanated in india where it was regarded as sacred herb. It is ancient and traditional remedy in india ayurvedic medicine.Stream Distallation from leaves and flowers. It's indications are anxiety, Bronchitis, Fever, Overworked muscles, Dull senses, Poor Digestion etc.

 A pungent essential oil obtained from plants of the genus Melaleuca and especially cajeput and used chiefly as a local application in skin disease and as a stimulating expectorant.

Camphor oil is aromatic and absorbed through the skin. It can provide various health benefits, including pain relief and the easing of skin irritation. Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of camphor trees, known scientifically as Cinnamomum camphora , and it has a strong aroma. It can also be synthesized from turpentine.

Cassia essential oil is in the same family as cinnamon and therefore is a "hot" oil. Because of this it is typically used in blends rather than alone. It was used for a natural remedy to support healthy immunity; and provide a sense of spiritual calmness.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Cedar tree, of which there are several species. Cedarwood Essential Oil helps to deodorize indoor environments, repel insects, prevent the development of mildew, improve cerebral activity, relax the body, enhance concentration, decrease hyperactivity, reduce harmful stress, ease tension, clear the mind, and encourage the onset of quality sleep.

Cedarwood rectified Heartwood is wild grown and Steam Distilled. This oil has a nice aroma and the color is pale. It will cause little to no change in the color of blends. Cedarwood essential oil is a substance derived from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees. There are many varieties of cedar trees found around the world.

Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) is used almost extensively as an insect repellent. It is specially good as a mosquito repellent. It indicateds Arthritis, Mosquito Repellent, Digestive problems, Rheumatism. And properties are Anti-Bacterial, anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Deodorant, Diuretic, Emmenagogue,Febrifuge, Fungicidal, Tonic, Diaphoretic, Vermifuge, Stomach.

Costus root essential oil helps to strengthen immune system by eliminating bacteria, bad germs and infections. It is also helpful for asthma, bronchitis and chronic coughs. It slightly increases the blood pressure and increase the contraction force and ventricles amplitude.

Cypress oil is an essential oil made from the twigs, stems, and leaves of the cypress tree. Most cypress essential oil is made from Cupressus sempervirens, also known as Mediterranean cypress.ypress is native to the Mediterranean region The majority of studies focus on essential oil made from this particular tree.

Davana essential oil is produced by steam distilling the leaves, stems, and yellow flowers of this exotic botanical. Its rich, fruity scent is used around the world to enhance high-end fragrances and perfumes. Davana is an adaptive scent, which means that it smells and reacts differently to each person

Eucalyptus Citriodora is also called lemon scented eucalyptus. Fresh, sweet, lemony. Eucalyptus citriodora has a strong citronella like aroma with a sweet, balsamic undertone.

It is believed to ease stress, improve heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, boost immune function, relieve pain, treat dry skin, reverse the signs of aging, fight cancer, as well many other health benefits.

Steam distilled oil from dried roots of Alpine Galangal. Uses and Advance Studies: It is used in treatment of catarrhal affections. It is stomachic, stimulant and Carminative.

geranium oil distilled from the flowering geranium. It is used in aromatherapy for its purported calming effects. It has also been proposed as a transient treatment for neuralgia, esp. postherpetic neuralgia.

Ginger oil is extracted from the ginger rhizome after a distillation process. Like other essential oils, it’s very concentrated. Ginger oil has a distinct aroma that can be described as strong,…

High on fragrance our pure kapoor kachri oil is extensively used for the preparation of various ayurvedic medicines and herbal products. Apart from the above we are reckoned as leading names among the foremost natural kapoor kachri oil.

Lavender essential oil may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction in some individuals. If you experience nausea, vomiting, or a headache after using lavender, discontinue use immediately. Because consuming lavender essential oil can have toxic effects, this remedy should not be ingested unless under the supervision of a medical professional.

an aromatic oil that smells like lemon and is widely used in Asian cooking and in perfumes and medicines lemon grass , lemongrass oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water

Marjoram flower oil is a more potent version of the plant, which means that all the nutrients of this plant are found in a more concentrated form when the essential oil is used. This is why fewer people have heard of the plant as opposed to the oil. Nutritional Value of Marjoram Oil Marjoram essential oil has a ton of nutritional benefits.

Mentha citrata - mint with leaves having perfume like that of the bergamot orange eau de cologne mint, lemon mint, bergamot mint mint

An herb, Mentha piperita, of the mint family, cultivated for its aromatic, pungent oil. Also called peppermint oil. this oil, or a preparation made from it. a lozenge or confection flavored with peppermint.

Muskdana is an aromatic as well as medicinal plant belongs to Malvaceae family and seed of this plant are the source of the essential oil. An aromatic constituent in seeds are beta-sitosteral and its beta-D-glucoside, myricetin and its glucoside in leaves and petals and beta-sitosterol from dry fruit husk.

Curcuma Nar Kachur oil is commonly known as Nar Kachur oil. It is an essential oil which is known for its numerous medicinal properties. It is a golden yellow liquid which is high in viscosity. Nar Kachur Root Essential Oil has a warm-spicy, woody and camphoraceouscineolic odor, very much resembling that of ginger.

Palmarosa Essential Oil is nutrient dense essential oil support for Skin Dryness, Strengthens Hair, Anti-Aging, Wound Healing and Help reduce Fever Trending Health benefits of Salam Panja

Patchouli oil has an anti-inflammatory effect: Swelling is a large part of your body’s inflammatory response. Pain relief. A 2011 study assessed the pain-relieving effects of patchouli extract in mice. The patchouli oil giving the extract orally to the mice reduced their response to pain in a variety of tests.

Pine Essential Oil is derived from the needles of the Pine Tree, commonly recognized as the traditional Christmas tree. The scent of Pine Essential Oil is known for having a clarifying, uplifting, and invigorating effect. Used in aromatherapy applications, Pine Essential Oil positively impacts the mood by clearing the mind of stresses.

A quintessential component of ritual and meditation, sandalwood calms a worried mind and supports inner serenity. Sandalwood oil promotes what is known in Ayurveda as ojas, or nutritional essence; therefore, sandalwood is strengthening to the vital health of the entire body and gives satisfaction to the mind.

An essential oil obtained from sandalwood: such as a : a pale yellow somewhat viscous aromatic liquid obtained from a sandalwood ( Santalum album ) and used chiefly in perfumes and soaps b : an oil obtained from a sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) of Australia

Tagetes essential oil is helpful in treating cough, chest congestion and catarrh. It helps to dialite the bronchi and facilitating the flow of Muscus by dislodging congestion. Tagetes can also be used in areas of skin allergies. It has a healing effect on Wound, Calluses and Bunions.

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil that comes from steaming the leaves of the Australian tea tree. When used topically, tea tree oil is believed to be antibacterial. Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat acne, athlete's foot, lice, nail fungus and insect bites.

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